Origami Battle Panda

This week we launch our much anticipated Rap Battle Pandas NFT collection! We also have AMA’s with BSC.News, BSCTimes, and BSC Gemz! Stake your $OGMN for 175% for a limited time!

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Along with the NFT platform, ORIGMI has built out a seamless solution to traditional Decentralized Finance problems, and added extremely important features to help simplify the process of yield farming.

Friction-less Yield Generation
5% of every OGMN buy/sell is automatically distributed to all OGMN token holders. Holders do not need to stake or wait for fees to be delivered. Fees are awarded by the smart contract and are automatically reflected in the holders balance.
Automatic Liquidity Generation
5% of every OGMN buy/sell is automatically re-distributed to OGMN/BNB liquidity, permanently. Also, because of OGMN's decentralization, anyone can create a new OGMN liquidity pair, helping the OGMN market become more liquid.
NFT Marketplace
The OrigamiSwap NFT Marketplace will go live shortly after launch. The marketplace will allow any whitelisted artist to mint and sell their NFTs, giving artists a platform to showcase and make a profit off their work. Any NFT collector can then buy or sell the NFT. Platform profits will be used to market buy OGMN tokens that will then all be burnt.
Deflationary Black Hole
To maintain a healthy token supply, OrigamiMoon developers have implemented a autocompounding deflationary mechanism. After launch 50,000,000,000,000 OGMN tokens were sent to an inaccessible burn address. This burn address will continue receiving passive yield rewards, causing the amount of tokens burned every day to exponentially grow.
$1m JetSwap Incentive Program
OrigamiMoon was vetted and selected by the team at JetSwap Finance as a winner of the $1m JetSwap Incentive Program. The OGMN token will automatically receive a 2x high APR WINGS farm to promote OGMN-BNB liquidity. The 2x will last for 7 days then revert to 1x multiplier. OGMN will be earnable by WINGS holders with a 2 month pool.
Arbitrage Immunity
Arbitrage trading, usually by bots, drains project liquidity by taking advantage of the difference in prices. OrigamiMoon is virtually immune to these attacks because profitable arbitrage of OGMN tokens is nearly impossible to execute. In order to make a profit, there needs to be a price difference of greater than 20% between exchanges.
Hardware Wallet/Cold Storage Staking
OrigamiMoon’s passive yield generation allows users to earn rewards while their tokens are stored on hardware wallets or in cold storage. Also, OrigamiMoon offers fee-free staking. Once OrigamiMoon farms have launched, users will be able to stake their OGMN to earn additional rewards and/or partner tokens.
Double Yield
Traditional DeFi applications require users to stake their tokens in order to earn rewards, however OGMN holders can use their OGMN tokens in any third party dApp, such as yield farms, lending etc. while also earning the normal OrigamiMoon passive yield rewards.
Token Blacklist
The development team has implemented a feature in the OrigamiMoon smart contracts that will allow certain addresses, such as exchange wallets or DEX pools, to be blocked from earning rewards, ensuring 100% of the tax revenue is distributed to real OGMN token holders.

ORIGMI is Next Generation

ORIGMI is a revolutionary new friction-less yield generating token and NFT marketplace, that rewards its holders using a 10% tax collected on all transactions and a percentage of all NFT marketplace transactions, and has implemented many new features to improve on the tokenomics of the past. Everyone from the developers to the marketing team has the experience, knowledge, and passion to advance DeFi to the next generation. 

From our audited, battle-tested, time-locked and public smart contracts, to our constant and clear communications with the community, OrigamiMoon was created to provide a safe environment for our users.
OrigamiMoon has intelligent smart contracts, prepared by engineers who have spent countless hours innovating and developing new possibilities, to simplify DeFi for our users.
OrigamiMoon is a community focused project, that is fully open and transparent with the community. Our code is public, our contracts are audited, and our team is extremely accessible.

$OGMN Tokenomics

The ORIGMI token symbol is OGMN, and was launched on the Binance Smart Chain, it is available to buy or sell on Jetswap Finance and on PancakeSwap. Our NFT’s are available to buy in our gallery until our full marketplace is launched. 

1 Quadrillion $OGMN Deflationary Supply
Transactions occur a 10% fee, of which half is automatically redistributed to all other wallets, and the other half is sent to the LP pool permanently, creating a rising liquidity floor for future traders.
$OGMN Token Launch on Jetswap Finance IJO
The ORIGMI $OGMN token sale took place on Jetswap.Finance's IJO platform on August 25th at 5:00pm UTC. For two months the OGMN token will have its own high APR WINGS farm.
Black Hole Exponentially Deflationary Token Burns
The OGMN token supply will be reduced using our exponentially deflationary Black Hole, which was jumpstarted with 50 Trillion OGMN tokens, as well as manual burns completed periodically by the team.
0 t+
OGMN Tokens Burnt
$ 0 k+
JetSwap OGMN/BNB Liquidity
$ 0 k+
Reflections Sent to Liquidity

Developmental Roadmap

The ORIGMI and OrigamiLabs team have planned to develop the platform in the following manner;

  • Business Plan Development ✓
  • Website Launch ✓
  • Strategic Partnerships ✓
  • Marketing Push ✓
  • Token Launch on Jetswap Finance IJO ✓
Q3/Q4 2021
ORIGMI Phase 1
  • CoinGecko Listing (pending)
  • CoinMarketCap Listing ✓
  • Nomics Listing ✓
  • Initial Launch Origami NFT platform ✓
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Token Buyback & Burns ✓
Q4/Q1 2022
ORIGMI Phase 2
  • Launch ORIGMI token staking ✓
  • Launch NFT Staking
  • Launch Origami NFT Game
  • Continued Marketing Push
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Token Buyback & Burns
Q1 - 2022+
ORIGMI Phase 3
  • OrigamiLabs Incubator
  • Token Buyback & Burns
  • Continued Marketing Push

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